The Jenerators

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1 She'll Never Know   (Mumy)  Bill with Dave & Gary
2 Pay First    (Jolliffe, Mumy & Stockdale)          Dave with Gary & Bill
3  Love What I Keep  (Mumy)     Bill  with Dave & Gary
4 Look What You've Done  (Stockdale)          Gary with Bill
5 My Sweet Seleena    (Mumy)                     Bill with Dave & Gary
6 Just Ain't Enough  (Mumy)                           Dave, Gary & Bill
7 Love In Need of Restoration (Mumy)      Bill
8 To Love Somebody    (Barry, Maurice & Robin Gibb)   Gary with Dave & Bill
9 Give You All I Got  (Mumy & Jolliffe)                 Bill with Dave & Gary
10 What Has Happened Before  (Mumy)        Dave with Gary & Bill
11 Good Enough     (Mumy)                             Bill with Tom & Dave
12 Sweet Little Angel    (King)                  Gary
13  Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Dylan)             Miguel with Bill, Gary & Dave
14 Pussy Whipped (Mumy, Jolliffe & Ferrer)             Dave, Gary, Bill & Tom with Frank, Matt, Denny & Aaron

Produced & recorded by Frank Wolf at Signet Sound
July 24-25 2004
Mixed and remastered by Frank Wolf, Matt Beckley and Bill Mumy at Lumania Digital.
Production assistance by Matt "Spyder" Beckley
Photography by Chuck Ivy
Miguel Ferrer: Drums, Vocal

Tom Hebenstreit: Guitar, Vocal
David Jolliffe: Guitar, Shaker, Tambourine, Vocal
Bill Mumy: Guitar, Harmonica, Tambourine, Vocal
Gary Stockdale: Bass, Hammond Organ, Tambourine, Vocal
Chris Ross played drums on: "Love in Need of Restoration," "Just Ain't Enough," "Give You All I Got," "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" and "Pussy Whipped."

Matt "Spyder" Beckley played tambourine on "Pussy Whipped."