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M U M Y 
F I L M O G R A P H Y 
Space Command Greg Mazzey 2017
On the Edge of Black & White Interviewee 2008
AI Assault Major Heath 2006
Derailroaded Interviewee 2005
Comic Book: The Movie Interviewee 2003
Dirk and Betty Austin 1999
Three Wishes Neighbor 1995
Captain America Colonel Fleming 1992
Double Trouble Bob 1992
Hard To Hold Toner 1984
Twilight Zone Tim 1983
Papillon Lariot 1973
Bless The Beasts And
The Children   
Teft 1971
Rascal Sterling North 1969
Dear Brigitte Erasmus Leaf 1965
A Ticklish Affair Alex Martin 1963
A Child Is Waiting boy counting pearls 1963
Palm Springs Weekend Boom-Boom Yates 1962
Sammy The Way Out Seal Petey Loomis 1962
Tammy Tell Me True Neil Bateman 1961
The Wizard of Baghdad Aladdin 1960

Lost In Space -The Epilogue

writer, actor, producer, co-director



Lost In Space: the complete collection
Blu Ray

co-producer bonus material



Lost In Space Forever

writer, actor, co-producer

Harry Noze



Ancient Aliens

book on tape

Harper Collins


Lost City Of The Monkey God

book on tape



Civil War: Blood & Glory

Abraham Lincoln

History Channel


Whats so Funny



Boom! Hollywood's Greatest Disaster Movies 




Attack of the 50 Foot Monster Mania




Leonardo DiCaprio: A Life In Progress



E True Hollywood Story:

Cheech and Chong 



E True Hollywood Story:

The Mod Squad    



The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas


Tiny Tim


Holly Hobbie and Friends: 

"Surprise Party"



What's New Scooby-Doo?

"Toy Scary Boo"

Harry Noze


Buzz Lightyear of Star Command 

"A Zoo Out There"



Buzz Lightyear of Star Command 

"Tag Team"



Space Ghost Coast to Coast

"Switcheroo (II)"



The Oz Kids

"The Monkey Prince"



The Oz Kids

"Underground Adventure"



Batman: The Animated Series

"The Terrible Trio"

Warren Lawford


Ren & Stimpy

"Blazing Entrails"

Dr. Brainchild



"Witch One"

Farmer Bill


Matty's Funday Funnies


Matty Mattel


A&E BIOGRAPHY   Narrator      
Jane Fonda
Eva Gardner
Steve McQueen
Linda Blair
Jayne Mansfield
Tippi Hedrin
James Brolin
Sharon Stone
Dustin Hoffman
Natalie Wood                                
Betty White                                    
Harrison Ford                              
Ron Howard                                 
Elizabeth Taylor                           
Andy Griffith                               
Carol Burnett                            
Sir Alec Guiness                           
Bernie Mac                                  
Will Smith                                     
Susan Sarandon                             
Paul Newman                               
Gene Hackman                            
Sophia Loren                                 
Joan Collins                                                       
Faye Dunaway                                
Keanu Reeves                                 
Jane Withers                                
Blake Edwards                              
Mary Martin                                   
James Dean                                 
Mark Hamill                                 
Tim Robbins                                 
Carolyn Jones                               
Ricardo Montalban                        
Pat Boone                                      
Lee Majors                                     
Alan Alda                                       
Rex Harrison                            
Dick Powell                                    
Donna Reed                    
A&E TVOGRAPHY   Narrator       
Home Improvement                      
The Munsters                                
The Partridge Family                    
Charlie's Angels                            
Buffy the Vampire Slayer              
Malcolm In The Middle                  
The Mary Tyler Moore Show           
The Wonder Years
Happy Days                                   
Laverne & Shirley                          
That Girl                                        
Love Boat                                       

TELEVISION (partial list)

Crossing Jordan "Blame Game" Paul Sullivan 2006
Twilight Zone "It's Still A Good Life" Anthony Fremont 2003
VH1: The List   Guest 2000
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command "Tag Team" Eon 2000
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command "A Zoo Out There" Eon 2000
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "The Siege of AR558" Kellin 1998
Diagnosis Murder "Alienated" Parker Craddick 1998
Lost In Space Forever   Will Robinson 1998
Babylon 5   Lenier 1993-98
The Weird Al Show "Back to School" Delivery Guy 1997
Space Ghost Coast to Coast "Switcheroo II" Guest 1997
Blast From The Past   Host 1996
Space Cases Creator, Writer, Producer 1996
Space Cases "A Day in the Life" Ferna Herna Jin 1996
Apollo 13: The Untold Story   Host 1995
Batman: The Animated Series "The Terrible Trio" Warren Lawford 1995
The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen   Host 1995
The Mars Series   Host 1995
Inside Space   Host 1992-93
Adventures in Wonderland Composer 1991-93
The Adventures of Superboy "Obituary for a Super Hero" Tommy Puck 1992
The Adventures of Superboy "A Change of Heart" Tommy Puck 1992
Ultraman "Monstrous Meltdown " Truck Driver 1992
The Stephen Banks Show  "The Last Show" guest 1992
The Flash Good Night, Central City" Roger Braintree 1991
Me and Mom   Roger 1989
The Universe and I     1988
Matlock "The Genius" Dr. Irwin Bruckner 1988
Santa Barbara Composer 1984-88
Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Bang! Your Dead" Clerk 1985
ABC Saturday Comedy Special "Archie Larry 1978
Sunshine Christmas   Weaver 1977
Sunshine (TV Series)   Weaver 1975
The Rockford Files "Backlash of the Hunter" Nick Butler 1974
The Rockford Files "Aura Lee, Farewell" Nick Butler 1974
Sunshine (TV movie)   Weaver 1973
Insight "The Party" Stan 1971
Here Come The Brides  "Break The Bank in Tacoma"   1970
Lancer "The Kid" Andy 1969
Vacation Playhouse "The Two of Us" Chris Williams 1966
Lost In Space   Will Robinson 1965-1968
Bewitched "Junior Executive" Darrin as a boy 1965
The Munsters "Come Back, Little Googie" Googie Miller 1965
I Dream Of Jeannie "Whatever Happened to Baby Custer" Custer Jamison 1965
The Virginian "Old Cowboy" Willy 1965
Ben Casey Did Your Mother Come from Ireland, Ben Casey? Victor Chase 1965
Bewitched "Vision Of Sugar Plums" Michael 1964
The Eleventh Hour "Sunday Father" Barry 1964
The Fugitive "Home Is The Hunted" David Taft 1964
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet "Rick's Old Printing Press" Billy 1964
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet "The Pennies" Billy 1964
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet "The Ballerina" Billy 1964
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color "For the Love of Willadean: A Taste of Melon" Freddy Gray 1964
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color "For the Love of Willadean: Treasure in the Haunted House" Freddy Gray 1964
The Greatest Show On Earth "Lady in Limbo" Jeff 1963
Perry Mason "The Case of the Shifty Shoebox" Miles 1963
Twilight Zone "In Praise of Pip" Pip 1963
Alfred Hitchcock Hour "House Guest"    
Going My Way      
Wide Country      
Empire "End of an Image" Freddy 1963
Twilight Zone "Long Distance Call" Billy Bayles 1963
Wagon Train

"The Sam Darland Story "

Toddy 1962
Alcoa Presents "The Boy Who Wasn't Wanted"    
The Jack Benny Show

"Jack And The Crying Cab Driver"

Little Boy 1962
Dr. Kildare "The Bronc Buster" Jeffrey 1962
Father of The Bride "Furnishing The Apartment"    
Going My Way "Keep an Eye on Santa Claus" Mark Murdoch 1962
The Dick Powell Show (1961)      
The Bob Hope Show (1961)      
Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Bang You're Dead"    
Have Gun Will Travel      
New Breed      
My Uncle Elroy      
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Door Without A Key" Mickey Hollins 1962
Scooter Deere Day      
The Loretta Young Show "The Lie" Jimmy Harrison 1961
G.E. Theatre  "A Friendly Tribe" Buzz 1961
Twilight Zone "It's A Good Life" Anthony Fremont  
National Velvet "Donald's Friend" Willy 1960
The Loretta Young Show "My Own Master" Rennie 1960
The Law and Mr. Jones      
The Tom Ewell Show      
The Du Pont Show      
The Chevy Show       
The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show      
Playhouse 90      
The Red Skelton Show      
Romper Room     1958