Cosmic Bestiary
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The Andromendan species was the first extragalactic species to make contact with Earth.The contact was a surprise attack, initiating a brutal year of war. The UPP discovered that the Andromedans, refugees from a war in their own galaxy, were forced into the war by the Spung, who had captured the Andromedan hatchery ship. The rescue of the hatchlings ended the war and the Andromedans  joined the UPP, although many people recall the war and still distrusts the species.

Andromedans have spiral ears which give them heightened hearing. They also have an extremely dense molecular structure, making them ten times as strong as humans. Because of this density, Andromedans tend to let their grow rather than deal with trying to cut the steel-like strands.  To compensate for the added weight of their density, the internal organs of Andromedans are surrounded by interconnected gas bladders. These bladders are controlled by a section of the Andromendan equivalent of the Terran hypothalamus, regulating the air temperature, pressure and humidity in a ways that almost emulates weather patterns. Under extreme conditions of stress or illness, the hypothalamus can vent overheated or supercooled air out the ears via the tuberoinfundibular pathway.

Andromedans are also mildly psionic.

Because of the war, communication with the Andromedans has been somewhat strained and little is known of their planet of origin in our neighboring galaxy. Based on Andromedan physiology, it would appear the species evolved on a high gravity world  with a thin atmosphere and an erratic orbit causing severe temperature variations.

Andromedans are raised in communal hatcheries and do not have familial social structures. The Andromedan society is similarly communal and stresses uniformity of mind and purpose.

Artificial Being, Christa
Artificial Being, Pezu
Artificial Being, Thelma
Energy Being, Doppleganger
Energy Being, Vampire
Ferna Herna
The Ferna Herna are an insectoid species, militant and aggressive but very, very polite. The species retains sensory antennae and a thin chitinous exoskeleton

The Ferna Hernan society reflects their insect origins: a central government controlled by and revolving around a queen and a social structure based on military castes. The Ferna Herna aggressively defend their territory - any encroachment is met with overwhelming force and a polite post-mortem apology.

Ferna Hernan technology levels are less advanced than UPP, relying on preprogrammed,chemical propelled missiles as their first wave assault. The species is only now beginning to develop micro-circuitry, so missile warfare is limited by the speed that their transistor-based computers can calculate trajectories.