Paige Christina

7 Days (2001)

The Secret Life of Zoey (2002)


Wirehead was filmed and then transferred to a game, so to me it felt like acting for TV. Sad thing is I have the game, but never knew anyone, not even my brothers or their friends who had a Sega CD-ROM player, so I've never seen it!

When Dave first asked about working with Mia Farrow, I could not remember ever working with her and thought for sure that would have been something I'd remember. I was away from a computer at the time and resorted to asking my parents if they remembered, and they said they for sure would have remembered if I'd worked with her and no, I hadn't. Well, to satisfy my curiosity I went to IMDB and I understand now. I did "The Secret Life of Zoey" on my own (without my parents as guardians) and to be honest, had no idea that was Mia Farrow! It's funny to think back on and to realize that if Dave hadn't asked me that question, I don't know if I ever would have known.. I haven't seen the movie yet. To answer the original question though, I didn't actually work with her, not in a scene anyways. Man, that's funny.