Cary Lawrence
TJ Davenport
But to be sure, there has been no role before or since quite like Ms. Theresa James Davenport. I was given the chance to really create a bona fide person in her and although she was wacky and uptight in an unrealistic way, I ALWAYS found a scene in every episode where I played Ms. Davenport as close to real life as possible. That way I grounded her and made it possible to play all those other crazy scenes of fainting and screaming. Comedy is only possible if you give it some realism somewhere along the line. I had a blast with her. -- Cary, 2006



Ghosts of Dickens' Past (1998)

Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire (2002)

Baby For Sale (2004)

Historical figures are always more challenging because you are playing a version a someone who actually existed. You want to remain true to that person. Fictional characters are much more freeing -- you can create instinctively and honestly and you don't have to worry about offending anyone! Except for maybe the writers!