Anik Matern as Thelma
"I was lucky as an actress to play such an endearing character.  Thelma kept me on my toes, and challenged me creatively as an actress.  Thelma had many things in common with her viewing audience. Many children often feel, happiness, innocence, rejection, trying to fit in, wanting to feel useful and needed in and amongst their peers...they search for their place, and that is what Thelma was trying to do, secretly. Thelma had an outer mission due to the storyline and script, but the real fun came for me when developing Thelma's inner mission."   -- Anik, 2005

A graduate of the John Abbott College professional Theatre program and an accomplished actor, Anik has served as acting consultant and coach for dozens of television and film projects ranging from The Jackie Onassis Project for Muse Entertainment to The Hunger for Telescene.

Her acting credits include: Underdogs for the Just for Laughs Festival, Secret Window opposite Johnny Depp, NBC's The Reagans opposite James Brolin and many more.

After her two seasons on Space Cases, Anik became the evil sorceress  Brenan in the Canadian Broadcast Canadian series Back to Sherwood

Anik is the Founder/Artistic Director and President of the Board of Montreal's Dynamic Theater Factory, and continues to do voicework in animated series such as in Robert Munch's The Snow Suit, as Chloe in Madeline, as Maid Marian in Hanna-Barbera's Robin Hood and as Violet in Belle Flower Bunnies.

Dynamic Theater Factory

Thelma is a Technological Human EmuLating MAchine. She was aboard the Christa when the ship was discovered near the Space Academy.

Thelma is an android, in symbiotic rapport with the Christa. Both were created by the mysterious species known only as the Lumanians.

When Harlan first visited the command post, he inadvertently stepped on her memory crystal. This cracked crystal has caused memory gaps and occasional erratic behavior. Whether her literal interpretation of idioms such as "give me a hand" is a result of the damage or less than than complete grasp of the alien language English has not been determined.

The exterior of Thelma may emulate a human, but her interior design hosts a variety of tools and functions, such as screwdriver finger extensions.

The Minion (1998)

Back to Sherwood (1999)

Baby For Sale (2004)

In the feature Film The Minion with Dolph Lundgren,  he actually kicked me in the jaw by accident during the shooting of a stunt scene at 12 midnight. He kindly gave me a pack of ice and sent me flowers and a written apology the next day. It was quite cute. I'm proud of the fact that I just kept on shooting until 4:00 AM without complaining of the pain. I felt like Jackie Chan!