Jewel Staite as Catalina

After one season of Space Cases, Jewel went on to star in a number of series, including Disney Channel's acclaimed Fast Forward, Fox Family Channel's Higher Ground and most recently, the Emmy-awarding winning Fox series Firefly.

She can next be seen in the upcoming Firefly movie, Serenity.

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Serenity: The Firefly movie

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Catalina is a 15 year old Saturnian, born and raised on Saturn's moon Titan. As with all Saturnians, Cat has a sonic scream that will increases in duration and intensity with practice.

Cat is strong-willed, independent and an engineering genius. She has a friend named Suzee that only she can see or hear, much to the irritation and disbelief of her crewmates who believe Suzee is a figment of Cat's imagination.

After being trapped on the Christa's sister ship when it self-destructed, Cat was assumed dead. It was soon discovered that Suzee, her "imaginary" friend, had snatched her through a dimensional rift created during the explosion. Suzee was pulled into our dimension during the transfer while Cat is trapped on Suzee's homeworld of Yensid.

Meeting Dad (1972)

Fast Forward (1996)

Da Vinci's Inquest (1998)

Higher Ground (2000)

Seven Days (2001)

Firefly (2002)

Dead Like Me (2003)

Wonderfalls (2004)

Serenity (2005)