A Day In The Life
Original airdate: March 16, 1996
Written By Peter David and Bill Mumy
Directed by Otta Hanus

Guest Stars:
Bill Mumy as Jin
Mark Hamill as Pell

Davenport and Goddard are locked in a battle of wills for control of the Space Cases. Commander Goddard needs them as a crew while Principal Davenport wants them to maintain a normal school schedule. The resulting compromise is a schedule so tightly packed that Thelma is unable to find time to warn the crew that they've entered Ferna Herna territory, and the dreadfully polite Ferna Hernan planetary intruder squad has apologetically decided to destroy the ship.

Inside Jokes:

The Ferna Herna alien names Pell and Jin are based on Beatles band mates Paul and John. The Ferna Hernans speak, naturally, with a Liverpudlian accent.

The episode title is derived from a Beatles song.

The control panels used by Pell and Jin were from the Irwin Allen TV series "Time Tunnel." Bill Mumy's old co-star from another Irwin Allen show stands behind him through out the episode - the Lost in Space robot.  Both original props were provided by Kevin Burns, who directed the Ferna Herna scenes, and would go on to produce The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen and Lost in Space Forever.