The Kingston Trio was the reason I became a musician. Their music motivated me to put in the effort to learn how to play the guitar and banjo. The songs they sang inspired me to write songs of my own. I pretty much idolized them from age ten til I was about fourteen. I've continued to listen to and dig their catalogue for over 45 years now.

I met Nick, Bob and John at a concert they played in 1967. I got to go backstage and have a soda with all three of them. Spending a half hour with the Kingston Trio was one of the biggest thrills of my life.

In 2011 the Kingston Trio received a Lifetime Achievement Grammy. Inspired by that, I started recording some of their songs in my home studio, Lumania.

Here is the result: Twelve songs that I learned from Kingston Trio records. Some of them are almost clones of the the original arrangements and some have been reshaped a bit. I purposely avoid tackling any of the many hits and I did my best to honor the legacy of the men who gave me the greatest gift I can imagine, the love of making music.


So here's to Dave Guard, Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds and John Stewart along with the two bass players who recorded and toured with them for ten years, David "Buck" Wheat and Dean Reilly. It was a pleasure, boys. Thank you kindly.


Bill Mumy
Laurel Canon, California

01 South Wind Travis Edmonson 3:02
02 Oh Miss Mary John Stewart & John Phillips 3:01
03 John B Richard Le Gallienne & Carl Sandburg 3:35
04 Getaway John Dave Guard 2:33
05 Long Black Veil Danny Dill & Marijohn Wilkin 2:36
06 Senora Jane Bowers & Dave Guard 2:59
07 Lei Pakalana Samuel F. Omar 2:12
08 Santy Anno Dave Guard 2:20
09 Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night Traditional 2:20
10 Early Morning Rain Gordon Lightfoot 3:08
11 You Don't Knock Roebuck Staples & William Westbrook 2:57
12 You're Gonna Miss Me
(Frankie & Johnnie)
Dave Guard, Tom Paley,
Mike Seegar & John Cohen

Recorded, performed and mixed by Bill Mumy at Lumania Studios, January, 2011


Photography and design concepts by Angela Cartwright
Live photo under CD by Eileen Mumy
Graphic design by Henry Anderson
Mastered by Karl Anderson, Global Recording Artists

All songs 2011 So Boss Music Ascap