Until the Big Bang Whimpers

Written, performed, recorded and mixed
by Bill Mumy at Lumania Studio.
April 2010 - January 2011

01 Real Good Thing 4:21
02 The Big Barn is Burnin' 3:30
03 I Owe a Little Money 2:48
04 I Know the Way to Love You 3:40
05 Isn't That What You Said? 2:14
06 If You Got Your Mind Made Up 3:01
07 Destiny's Shore 1:49
08 Take Us Home 3:08
09 Chariot's Comin' 3:34
10 The Other Side of the Other Side 3:56
11 Wrestling With Survival 3:11
12 Until the Big Bang Whimpers 2:59

Dedicated to my mother, Muriel Gould Mumy
1912 -2010
and to
my mother-in-law, Friedel Mertz Davis
1922 -2011


Bill Mumy: Until the Big Bang Whimpers


All Songs ©2011 So Boss Music - ASCAP

Thanks to Bill Bash for the fantastic gift of “Ashly,” heard throughout these songs. (www.nashguitars)

Thanks to Tom Guard for the oh so treeo cocktail glass and entrusting me with his father’s 1961 Epiphone Wilshire guitar heard on these recordings.

Thanks to Seymour Duncan, Peter Leinhiesser at Gibson, David Pearlman microphones, Kenny Daniels and Paul Flynn at Truetone Music.

Thanks to Dave Goudsward, Glennda Kountz, Holly Roberts, Paul Horabin, Sarah Taylor, Gerry Beckley, Matt Beckley, the Hardcore 9 and Karl Anderson. 

Special thanks to Eileen, Seth and Liliana.

Photography by Eileen Mumy & Bll Mumy
Title by Dave Guard
Mastered by Karl Anderson

Instruments used on these recordings include:
1970 Martin D-45, 1948 Gibson Southern Jumbo, 1963 Gibson Hummingbird,  2001 Gibson Custom J 45, 2005 Gibson Historic J 180, Everly Brothers High-Strung, 2009 Blueridge BR-63, 2011 Bill Nash T Model, 1958 Gretsch Duo Jet, 1960 Gretsch Country Gentleman, 1965 Gretsch 6120, 2005 Gretsch Silver Jet, 2010 Gibson Custom Les Paul Special, 2010 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior, 1961 Epiphone Wilshire, 2010 Epiphone Casino, 1961 Vega Pete Seeger model banjo, 2010 Kay Twin Thin, 2006 Hofner Club bass, Roland A-90 keyboard, Hohner melodica, DW Custom drum kit, Latin percussion conga drums and bongos, various shakers, tambourines and harmonicas.

Amps include: 1960 Fender Super Amp, 2009 Fender Blues Jr., 1961 Gibson Explorer Amp, 1995 Vox AC-15, 2005 Vox Pathfinder Jr.