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Pandora's Box



They got lost together
Never wanted to be found
Until the worlds good intentions
Sent it all crashing down
They were separated
Kept totally apart
Alone they concentrated
On matters of the heart
Bushes grew to treetops
Lullabies to rock
Till' there was nothing left between them
They didn't even talk
Impulsive intervention
Cast to play a part
They were reconnected
By matters of the heart
They barely recognized each other
They wouldn't look too close
For fear of doing damage
To what they knew the most
So slowly
They awakened
Like candles in the dark
Found themselves surrounded
By matters of the heart
A photograph
A letter
A card covered with age
Confessions of a passion
Committed to the page
Caution upon entry
It measures off the chart
Soon swallowed by an ocean
Of matters of the heart
They were lost again then
In dream worlds of their own
Like two twin Camaros
Together but alone
So put the cake back in the oven
Put the horse behind the cart
It's better not to dwell on
Such matters of the heart
Say goodnight to Gracie
Yeah love's a work of art
There is trauma in the drama
Of these matters of the heart


words and music by Bill Mumy

So Boss Music  Ascap