Babylon 5 Action Figures
9" Lennier

Fully articulated with a cloth costume.

Released in 1998, they were originally sold through specialty stores via Diamond Comics.

 6"  Lennier
Lennier was one of the first releases from the third wave of Babylon 5 figures in 1999, originally available only through Previews




6"  Lennier
Brown on brown uniform variant

Considered by collectors to be one of the best likeness of the entire line, both versions come with a Minbari Cruiser.

Lost in Space Action Figures
Trendmasters Will Robinson Figure
Released by Trendmasters under license of New Line Productions to coincide with the LIS Movie. The series also includes Major West, Judy, Dr. Smith, Tybo and the Cyclops.

A second series was planned to complete the Robinson family, but all production plans were canceled due to poor sales of the movie merchandise.

The doll stands about 6.5 inches tall. It is fully articulated and comes dressed in a silver flight suit based on episode #1, "The Reluctant Stowaway." It was marketed as an exclusive collector's edition, limited to 12,000 figures.


Marusan Will Robinson Doll
 The Marusan dolls are among the most highly sought after Lost in Space collectibles, in spite of the fact that they look nothing like the cast!

Released in 1967 only in Japan, the seven cast members are represented although Judy/Maureen and John/Don are actually the same figures with minor changes to the hair and faces. Each figure came inside a clear plastic "freezing tube" with white caps on each end and a paper insert. The bottom cap had stirrups that held the doll's feet in place. The tube came in a blue cardboard box. Also produced were the B-9 Robot and Chariot, both of which are are so rare that many sources inaccurately refer to them as planned but not produced. The firm's bankruptcy in 1968 killed both the production of the toys and any chance of a wider distribution.

The Will doll stands 5.5 inches tall with painted hair. It wears a gray jumpsuit with red piping at the cuffs and shoulder, similar to the series' space suit. The vinyl boots are light blue.