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It is with great pleasure The Bill Mumy Official Fan Club announces the formation of an international Campaign to raise money for a Star for Bill Mumy on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California.

All of you will agree that Bill has played a major part in our lives by the roles he has had on TV/film as well as through his music. He has spent 40 years in show business! We grew up with him. Will Robinson from "Lost in Space" was our hero! We loved Bill as Lennier in "Babylon 5" and we watched him send people into the cornfield in "The Twilight Zone." We listen to his music, and who can forget "Fishheads?" Jimmy Stewart is quoted as saying about Bill: "Hes the best damn kid I ever worked with." How about if we thank him for sharing his talent & giving us that little slice of Hollywood magic? Lets give him a STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

But, this cannot be done alone! We need YOUR help! It takes OVER $15,000.00 to get the Nomination and Star secured for the Walk of Fame. This cannot be done by just a small group, but we need the help and support of each of you and EVERY Babylon 5/Lost in Space/Twilight Zone, Barnes & Barnes, & Bill Mumy fan! We hope to collect the money by April 2001 (Nominations close in May 2001 for the year 2002).

So here is how you can help!

1) Spread the word to all you know who hold an interest in the shows and Bill Mumy! List our campaign on your websites, & newsletters!

2) Encourage these folks to get involved and tell their friends and send donations to support the cause.

3) Help us in as generous way as possible by donating to the Campaign fund or watching for our ebay auctions under the seller: mumyclub and bidding! .

4) All donors will be listed in a book to be given to Bill, as well as printed in the club newsletter and the club website.

5) Fan Clubs: Please tell your members about our campaign and support our cause! Watch for our auctions on ebay! They will be listed under the seller: mumyclub. Please donate autographed items to our club from your actor!

6) List servers: Please post our fan club Walk of Fame donation flyer and encourage your members to contribute! Have contests to see which group can raise the most money!

7) Want to help but can't afford it? The fan club is accepting donations of autographed items and collectibles to be sold on ebay. You will get credit for the sold amount, and be listed in the appropriate donation level as well as listed as a donor. So check and see if you have any extra or duplicate autographed items you can donate to the club!

The Following are the donation tiers with the necessary information for what each person donating in these tiers will receive:

The "Fishheads" Bronze Level: $25.00-$100.00
Each person donating to this level will receive a 4x6 photograph of the Star Ceremony Presentation with Bill Mumy as well as a "Fishheads Bronze Level Certificate of Appreciation" for Donating to the fund.

The "Lennier" Silver Level: $125.00-$450.00
Each person donating to this level will receive a 8x10 photograph of the Star Ceremony autographed by Bill Mumy as well as a "Lennier Silver Level Certificate of Appreciation" of donating to the fund.

The "Its a Good Life" Gold Level: $500.00-750.00
Each person donating to this level will receive a 8x10 photo of the Star Ceremony with Bill Mumy autographed & personalized to you, and an "IT'S A GOOD LIFE Gold Level Certificate" for donating to the fund, plus a one year membership in the Bill Mumy Official Fan Club.

The "Jupiter 2" Platinum Level" $1000.00 & UP
Each person donating to this level will receive a 8x10 photo of the Star Ceremony with Bill Mumy autographed & personalized to you by Bill, and a "Jupiter 2 Platinum Level Plaque" for donating to the fund, as well as YOUR names on a special plaque with sponsors and major supporters of the fund to be GIVEN to Bill! Plus, you will receive a one year membership in the Bill Mumy Official Fan Club.

Don't delay! Make your donation TODAY!

The following people are "official" reps of the Bill Mumy Official Fan Club to help in our fundraising campaign: Feel free to ask them how you can donate and help our campaign:

Ray Dutczak- Lost in Space Memories Website: http://www.lismemories.com

Elspeth Thomson- England email: Sobkmunch@btinternet.com

Jeanette Kelly Australia email: rkelly@vtown.com.au

Glennda Kountz USA- President of the Bill Mumy Official Fan Club- mumyclub@aol.com

(Ask me how you or your club can be listed to help out)


Donations to the Bill Mumy Hollywood Walk of Fame Campaign



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Email Address

Donation Level: (Circle one):

(1) Fishheads/Bronze, (2) Lennier/Silver, (3) It's a Good Life/Gold,

(4)Jupiter 2/Platinum

Instead of cash I have donated the following autographed or collectible items to the club:
(If you are donating autographed items or collectibles, you will be placed in the appropriate donation level)

Donation Amount: $

(Make Check or Money Order PAYABLE to Glennda Kountz)

Please mail your donations to:

Bill Mumy Official Fan Club
Glennda Kountz
P O Box 415
Kerman, CA 93630

(email: mumyclub@aol.com), (www.billmumyfanclub.com)

Do you wish your name listed as a donor in our newsletter/website and book for Bill?

Yes / No (if not answered it will be listed).

Note: If something happens that the Walk of Fame Star does not happen in 2001, or 2002 we will repeat the nomination process again the following year/s (sometimes it takes a few years to be accepted), OR ALL money will be donated to a charity of Bill's choice. Your Walk of Fame donation is not tax deducible. If you have any questions please email me at mumyclub@aol.com

(note: if you are printing out this page, please highlight and print in black font!)