"...A very merry Christmas, and a happy new year, let's hope it's a good one, without any fear." sang John Lennon... 
Well, it feels to me like Christmas is arriving early this year! The entire 12 months of 2000 has just zipped by at a Mercurial pace! Seems like I was just gathered in the den with my family and a bottle of champagne watching the global turn of the century new year's celebrations
This has been a very creative and productive year for me. Writing the fantasy novel with Angela Cartwright, working on the Overload feature film, writing two other pilot scripts, finishing and releasing my third solo CD, "Pandora's Box", writing and recording with Robert Haimer for the "Yeah: The Essential Barnes and Barnes" CD, and writing another 6 or 7 songs already for the next musical project... there's a lot of new Mumy-created stuff out there. The year also saw some additional voice over work, and a few television appearances, like "VH1's "The List".... but there were some creative setbacks, independent film budget woes plagued the completion of "Overload", Renaissance records has recently experienced similar problems, the six month SAG strike crippled all commercial voice over work for a too long, and I haven't been seen in any new on-camera acting roles for a year now.
Still, the year brought many bursts of creative energy, and I traveled quite a bit. Had a great time making some live music, had some work done on the house, and got to spend a good amount of time with my family and pets. For the five years I worked on Babylon 5, I was always complaining about not having enough time with the kids just to goof off, so... I'm getting what I wished for now. And it's good. It's all real good. I have more than several projects that could all "take off" at any moment, so we'll just wait a bit and see which happens first!
I wish you all healthy, happy, peaceful holidays and a wonderful new year. 
Seeya in 2001! 

December 2, 2000
Laurel Canyon, California, Earth 
 Howdy Folks,             
Hope you're having a great summer. I just got back from 6 days in Atlanta where I was attending Dragoncon. It was a very enjoyable time for me. 
 I performed a solo acoustic 15 song concert at the con that was attended by a couple thousand people who seemed to genuinely enjoy the Mumy music. 
 I was there with Angela Cartwright, Peter David, and several Babylon 5 alumni, Richard Biggs, Andreas Katsulas, Jason Carter, Bob Krimmer, Tracey Scoggins, and Stephen Austin. I did Lost in Space panels with Ange, and B5 panels with the others. 
 Angela and I were guests on the Atlanta talk show, "Peach Tree Morning", I performed a song live on that show, and we also did some internet and press interviews. We promoted "Overload" which continues to move forward in pre-production, and we talked up our novel which we've just completed a polish on. Also, met thousands of fans and signed lots of autographs. 
  We even made time to see some of Atlanta. I accompanied Ange on a "photo safari", and we found a most excellent pizza! Certainly worth the trip. 
Ange and I also recently taped a sketch for our old pal Bob May who is producing a video project called "Robot Memories Continued". It's always fun when the old Lost in Spacer's get together.
Other than that, I just guested on an episode of VH1's "The List". It was hosted by my pal Weird Al Yankovic, and I believe it's going to air in the first week of August. 
 I'll be attending Fantasticon in the next few weeks, and possibly the San Diego Comic Con. 
  "Pandora's Box" was supposed to be ready last week, but there was a snafu, so now it's set for an August release date.
The Jenerators will be performing live in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 29th at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier. I'm looking forward to that, we had a blast the last time we played there. Several other projects are in the works... but for now, that's the update!
Peace,  Bill
 "And I feel like I've been here before. And you know, it makes me wonder what's goin' on..." David Crosby
      The May 2000 report from Mumy Manor...

  As of May 1st, Screen Actors Guild is on strike against commercial producer's, so the last few weeks of April were really busy working weeks for me. I did a ton of voice over commercials for Farmers Insurance, Wal Mart, and Honda. Hope the strike gets settled fairly soon. 

  Angela and I appeared at the Chiller Convention in New Jersey, and that was a well attended, fun show. I did press and radio to promote it and we were pleased to see so many fans line up to get our autographs. My wife and kids came along, and we spent the week in New York celebrating my daughter Liliana's sixth birthday, visiting friends, and working. Yup, ALL of us, my wife Eileen, son Seth, Liliana, and me performed on the long running syndicated radio series "Willow Crossing". It's been running for 25 years, and it's created and written by a friend of ours named Jon Guyot Smith. We've always enjoyed listening to these wonderful little moral plays that harken back to a simpler time, and since we knew we were all coming out East, Jon wrote 6 new episodes and we had a great time playing radio characters on the series. Eileen was "Aunt Mary", Seth was "Buddy Park", Liliana was "Alicia Blaine" and I was "Steve Park". I only had time to record one episode but the rest of the Mumy's appear in all six of the new ones. It's a very positive and fun series program, and maybe you can find it on the radio somewhere near you. Check it out if you can.

  New York was great. We ate wonderful food, saw "The Lion King", did the tourist stuff, and Angela and I met with some publishers and agents regarding our novel.

We're still editing and doing some re-writes on that ambitious project, and I'm sure it will be coming your way soon. (or sorta soon)

  As soon as I got back from New York, I headed to the mastering lab and finally finished "Pandora's Box", my third solo CD. It will be released in the summer on Renaissance Records. I was tweaking and re-recording and shifting songs around until the last minute! I ended up recording one "cover" song on this album, Graham Nash's "Simple Man", and there are 14 songs on the CD. Angela took all the pictures, and she's done a great job. All the photographs are in full color included in the 8 page booklet. 
  Also of note, May 9th saw the release of "Yeah: The Essential Barnes and Barnes" on Oglio records. 24 demented tracks including the four brand new ones mentioned here last update. I'll be doing some press and radio promotion for that project soon.  Autographed copies are available here from the Mumy mall. 

The Jenerators gigged late March, and we had a great time! The club, Rusty's on the Santa Monica Pier, was absolutely packed, and the band hadn't played in close to two years! Our pal Shaun Cassidy got up and sang two songs with us, "Baby, It's You" and "Slow Down" and the crowd went nuts! Women screamed and danced and it was like 1978 all over again with grownups! We really had fun, and hopefully will gig a lot this summer. There will be some photos from that night to check out in the Mumy Music section of this website soon.

  My very first original comic book character, "The Comet Man" (created in 1986 by Miguel Ferrer and I... remember? we sold half a million of 'em!) is returning to the pages of Marvel this month in "Captain Marvel" courtesy of my partner Peter David. Check it out. 

  Work continues on "Overload"... we've gotten our paperwork done, (FINALLY) and should get back to filming late summer. It's been frustrating, but it's going to be SO worth it... More on that as we make progress. 
Tony Dow, who is directing Overload, directed an A&E special on the history of child actors, and I was interviewed recently on camera for that show. It's scheduled for a summer airing.

  Lots of other things "in the fire"... but I don't want to jinx 'em by talking about them too soon.

  Well, gotta dash now, I'm off to Bruce Boxleitner's 50th birthday party... I'm looking forward to seeing Bruce and lots of Babylon 5 friends.

Til next time... take care of each other and good old Mother Earth. 
Peace, Bill

"Oooh baby baby it's a wild world. It's hard to get by just upon a smile. Oooh, baby baby it's a wild world. And I'll always remember you as a child, girl." 
cat stevens
"The more things change... the more they stay the same." 

Hi there, Mumy here reporting in on what's been goin' on lately. 

The most important news is that filming on "Overload", the feature film I've co-written with Peter David has begun, ended, and will begin again soon. "HUH?!" You say... well, welcome to professional showbizland on an Independent reality. We've filmed the promo to the film which runs a little over 8 minutes, and we're going back to finish filming the entire movie in June. Go to www.galaxyonline.com for cast photos and interviews and all sorts of info regarding the details of this Mumy project. Needless to say, as co-writer, executive producer, and actor, that's where a lot of my creative energy is going these days, and I'm very happy and excited about what we're doing! It's honestly a thrill to be working alongside Billy Gray, Johnny Crawford, Don Grady, Tony Dow, Claudia Christian, George Takei, Melissa Gilbert, and my very good pal and partner in many projects, Angela Cartwright. "Overload" is a non-compromising psychological drama in a sci-fi arena, and I'm quite proud of it. Stay tuned. More to 
come on that soon.   
In late January, I had a very interesting and emotional reunion with Redwood, the acoustic trio that I was in with Paul Gordon and Gary David from 1969 through 1974. Redwood was a very busy working band, we performed over 100 gigs a year, and we recorded several albums worth of all original material. We were pretty popular in Southern California, played all the clubs and college campuses here for 5 years and then finally broke up on Christmas of 1974. Anyway, we got together as a special surprise treat for our friend, artist Tanya Wolf Ragir's, 45th birthday, and we performed a short set of the old tunes in her studio for about 30 people. It was really a weird and surprisingly warm feeling for all of us. There's a photo from that event you can check out. For awhile that night, the past and the future melded into harmony and time was nowhere to be found. (except in the groove!)

  Mark your calendars, folks... MAY 9th... that's the release date of "Yeah: The Essential Barnes and Barnes" CD from Oglio records! If you're into the twisted, quirky, reality of our music you'll have to have this one! 24 tracks, from all our albums, including many unreleased songs and 4 brand new recordings from the one of a kind minds that brought you "Fish Heads". Definitely not for the kiddies...Those bad boys are back! Nuff said...yeah... 

  Mark your calendars, folks... MARCH 25th... The Jenerators (Miguel Ferrer, Tom Hebenstreit, Bill Mumy, & Gary Stockdale) reunite to play an hour of live original rock music on the Santa Monica Pier (in California) at a club called "Rusty's"... If you're in the neighborhood, come on down, we'll be playing from 9:45 til 11:00 pm.

  Mark your calendars, folks... APRIL 14-16th... Your pal Bill Mumy will be appearing with Angela Cartwright and other Lost in Space alumni at the CHILLER convention in New Jersey! Ooooohh....

  I've been doin' plenty of voice over work lately...several new commercials for "Farmers Insurance" and "Wal Mart"... 
  Angela and I are making some last minute changes to our dark fantasy novel... Ooooh, it's good! 

  "Pandora's Box", my upcoming third solo CD has been tweaked a bit, and is still coming out this year! 
  A new "Lost in Space" movie of the week-pilot with Kevin Burns producing is currently in development...With the ORIGINAL cast! You never know... could just happen! Danger! Danger!

  Mark Hamill and I are getting ready to relaunch our "Outpost Omega" project! Oooohh...
  The Lakers are really doing great! 

  So... enjoy yourselves, take care of the planet Earth, VOTE, don't hurt anyone, and have a good time! 
Peace,  'til next time, I remain...
Bill Mumy 

"I'm a leaf on a windy day. Pretty soon I'll be blown away. How long will the wind blow? How long will the wind blow? Until I die..." 
Brian Wilson

"Don't you know I'm a two thousand man, and my kids they just don't understand me at all..." Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

   Well, well, well... Here we are in the 21st Century. Isn't it wonderful how it all turned over so peacefully? Thank yourselves and everyone else for not blowing it. Looks like we're on the right track towards some peace and harmony on old Mother Earth, and that's the most important thing I can think of.  Keep it goin'...

    Lots of stuff to report since the last update way back in September of the 20th Century. (sounds like Ancient Rome, now.) As usual, I've been doing' voice over work, narrating some specials for E! Channel. (listen for the voice of Mumy telling the tales of "Cheech and Chong" and "The Mod Squad" on E! True Hollywood Story) I've also recently worked on several more Farmer's Insurance spots for TV and radio, 5 for Wal Mart, and I just did two commercials for Citibank. As usual, the work was pleasant.
The biggest news is that sets have been built and we're about to start filming "Overload". Our start date is mid-February, and everything is moving along as it should right now. The cast includes Angela Cartwright, Don Grady, (who is also composing the score), Billy Gray, Tony Dow, (who is co-executive producer and director), and me (co-executive producer, and co-writer with Peter David). There will be some other very cool folks appearing in it also. I'll keep you posted as we progress. Overload is a co-production between Stargate studios and Galaxy Entertainment. The special effects should be amazing. Tony and I have been working very hard on assembling the team and setting the tone for this feature film, a  controversial, psychological drama in a sci fi setting.  I can't wait to start filming!

    Also of major news, Angela Cartwright and I have finished our first draft of the fantasy novel we've been writing together for the past seven months. I can't tell you exactly when it will be published, but we have very high hopes for it, and again, I'll keep you posted on what's happening there. The title of the novel is "To What Purpose".  Me? I think it's great. 
And, I've wrapped up writing, recording, mixing, and sequencing my next solo album. "Pandora's Box" is a fifteen song, sixty seven minute CD coming your way in April or May from Renaissance Records. All that remains now is to master the album and assemble the package. Like "In The Current", the multi-talented Angela Cartwright will be shooting the photographs for it. Also like "In the Current", I played every instrument heard on the project, and used some really wonderful guitars on it.  Nothing I like more than being struck with the unexpected inspiration to write a song, and seeing it through to its eventual completion.  I hope you'll check "Pandora's Box" out when it is released, because I truly feel it's the best album I've ever made. (but what do I know?)

    I want to thank Glennda Kountz for taking over the official Bill Mumy fan club and reorganizing what had become disorganized. Glennda's really gotten the club and the newsletter together, and for those interested in such things, you can now trust the fact that it's all running smoothly.

    I've had the pleasure of socializing with some of my "TV family and friends" over the recent holidays, (Angela, Marta Kristen, Jonathan Harris, Mark Goddard, Mira Furlan, Peter Jurasik, Andreas Katsulas, Claudia Christian, Stephen Furst, Bruce Boxleitner, and others...) and I'm happy to report that the folks from Lost in Space and Babylon 5 are all doing' great, as is the Mumy family. My children Seth and Liliana are growing up fast and having a great time,  and driving me and Eileen crazy! (which I suppose is how it should be.) 

At the time being, I have only two convention appearance locked into place, and that's "Chiller" in New Jersey, April 14-16, and the Dragoncon in Atlanta in July. I'll be performing a one hour solo acoustic set at Dragoncon, and will be playing songs from all three of my solo albums, as well as some Jenerators tunes, and possibly even Barnes and Barnes' "Fish Heads"...
    Speaking of Barnes and Barnes, "Yeah: The Essential Barnes and Barnes", which has been scheduled to come out several times already keeps moving from one record label to another. It IS complete. There are 3 brand new B&B recordings on it, and it WILL be released this year, hopefully before summer time. We're also getting closer to starting work on an all new studio album, and I hope to tell you more on that soon. 

Well, for now... I'm thrilled to be alive in the year 2000. I'm looking forward to some fantastic changes and new artistic projects, and I wish you all a healthy, peaceful, and productive year. 

    I DO check the guest book all the time, and thank you again for all your positive emails. 

  Thoughts form blueprints for reality, so think good thoughts... or I'll send you to the cornfield!

"Someday everything is going to be smooth like a rhapsody
When I paint my masterpiece."
Bob Dylan
Bill Mumy,
Laurel Canyon, California
January 17, 2000