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Hello Everyone,
Well... School's out and summer's here again!  Last night I was onstage at the Players Theater on the campus of University of Long Beach performing a 15 song set of live Demented Music with my partner in crime, Robert Haimer , as BARNES and BARNES.  We were inducted into the Novelty Music Hall of Fame by our friend and mentor, the great DR. DEMENTO and we played a super rare live career spanning set of our Demented songs.  My son Seth recorded the event on digital video and some other folks did as well. We're thinking of editing and putting out a DVD of the concert.  We'll see.
Seth and I are the lonely guys in Mumy Manor. Eileen and Liliana are in Toronto all summer long. Liliana's reprising her role as "Jessica Baker" in the feature film, "Cheaper by the Dozen 2". All the original cast members are back joined by Eugene Levy and Carmen Electra.  Should be a lot of fun for all. They've been gone a week now. I know they're having fun and working hard. We talk all the time. It's weird here without them, though. Ahhh, showbiz. So for now around here, Seth and I are just jammin' on guitars together, watching the games and eating pizza!
Besides making demented music with Barnes and Barnes, I've been narrating new episodes of "Animal Icons" for Animal Planet and doing some other voice over work as well as writing new songs and performing with the Jenerators.
Work on my massive graphic novel, "VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SOUL" continues at a steady pace, and the project will be published in a few months from the good, no make that great, folks at Bubblehead Publishing. For updates and info, please go to www.lisvoyage.com
And, be sure to check out Indieclectic.com!
IndiEclectic is a community of like-minded artists who have come together to share their music in an environment unencumbered by mainstream media. There's LOTS of Mumy Music available there!

Check it out and discover some amazing artists you've never heard of, recommended by some amazing artists you have. There is a vast amount of talent on this site. The level of songwriting and musicianship is pretty startling. And new artists are being added daily. 
And, last but certainly not least... Let's all give a warm welcome to our brand new webmaster here, Dave Goudsward!
As you can see, this site has had a complete overhaul and we're now the new and improved version.  Let us know how you like the new look and style by sharing your thoughts in the guestbook, which I personally manage and try to check as often as time allows.
That's it for now... Have a bitchin' summer!
"My baby needs a mother, to love her till the end, up every rugged mountain and down every road that bends..."
Emmylou Harris
"My Baby Needs A Shepherd"




U P D A T E   A P R I L   2 0 0 5

March was a busy month full of way too much rain here in Los Angeles, especially up in Laurel Canyon. We've been dealing with road closures, falling rocks and mudslides. I like the rain just fine, but believe me, I've had enough of it for awhile. Now that April has started, the sky is clear, sunny and the temperature has warmed up bigtime. It's suddenly like summer.

I saw Bob Dylan in concert again a few weeks ago. He played the Pantages Theater on Hollywood Blvd. A great place to hear music. I had a wonderful seat right up in the front. It's always a great treat to see Bob live. Any chance you get to experience that for yourself, I highly recommend you do.

I also wrapped up a new movie of the week for the Sci Fi Channel in March. The film is called "Shock Wave". It's a thriller.  I play "Major Heath", a Pentagon military officer tracking a top secret mission gone awry. My scenes are all with Michael Dorn, whom I'm sure you'll remember from his many years on Star Trek: Next Generation and Deep Space Nine as "Worf".  He plays the General and he outranks me. We had a very good time working together. Michael's a nice guy and a total professional.  The film should air towards the end of the year. Should be fun to see.

I've also been narrating a new batch of "Animal Icon" episodes for the Animal Planet Network. I enjoy doing that series very much and I hope you enjoy watching and hearing it!  I continue to be the "official voice" of Farmer's Insurance, and I just completed a few new commercials for them last week.

Work on my 360-page Lost in Space graphic novel, "Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul" continues at a steady pace and Bubblehead Publishing hopes to have the book out and in stores by July. It's an ambitious project that a lot of people have been waiting a long time to see and I'm very proud of it and I don't think there's anyone on the planet who wants to see it completed and published more than me!

Michal Dutkiewitz's busy in Australia drawing away at a frantic pace even as I type these words. 

The 300 page graphic novel with 200 new pages completing my story left unfinished over 11 years ago is due off the press sometime in July 2005.

For more info and steady updates from me and the rest of the Bubblehead team, or advance orders go to: VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SOUL .

This year, 2005, marks the 40th anniversary of Lost in Space!  WOW!  Time is so weird. I remember those days so clearly!  Doesn't seem like 40 years ago... Anyway, there will be some very cool Lost in Space stuff happening down the line and some very cool new LIS merchandise coming out. ("Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul" definitely gets my vote as the coolest, though!)

Many of the cast members from "Babylon 5" were reunited this month for a charity fundraising event for the family of Rick Biggs, who tragically passed away suddenly a year ago. Bruce Boxleitner, Melissa Gilbert, Jerry Doyle, Stephen Furst, Jason Carter, Pat Tallman, Tony Dow and several other B5 alumni spent a day together at the Beverly Garland Hotel signing scripts, pictures, posters, etc and auctioning off a variety of items and remembering Rick. It was bittersweet, but nice to see the gang again.

Musically, it's also a very busy time. The Jenerators have been gigging steady and rocking hard lately. Our gigs have been sold out and a lot of fun. Hope you can make it out to see us sometime. Our brand new CD, "Pony Up" will be available literally ANY day now. It's at the pressing plant right now!  So, stay tuned to this website or check out http://www.jenerators.com/ for more info and to order the CD. We'll be having a blow out CD release party at our next gig, which is at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier on Saturday, April 23rd. Come on out and see the show!

Barnes and Barnes have not one, not two, but THREE CD's being simultaneously released on Oglio Records imminently. "Amazing Adult Fantasy", "Sicks" and our often rumored but never released 1983 "Kodovoner" album.  All will be coming your way very soon.  All will feature many bonus cuts and in depth liner notes written by yours truly.  The original designs are embellished for reissue by the multi talented Angela Cartwright, and of course, "Kodovoner" is an all new design by Ange.(She also designed "Los Angeles Times" CD.) All you B&B fans should have a field day  with these. I suggest you check out http://www.voobaha.com/ as well as the voobaha chat group at yahoo.com for more B&B stuff.

Now... as for my SOLO music... LOTS of BIG news... The record company that puts out my solo projects, Renaissance Records, has been going through a "reorganizing" process that has stalled the release of my next solo album which has been completed for quite awhile now titled, "Los Angeles Times".  I'm happy to report that Renaissance now has new distribution in place and will be getting Mumy product out to stores and websites very very soon. However, their initial release will be a slightly revamped "Ghosts" CD.  "Ghosts" is a compilation disc from last year, a "best of" if you will, that also featured several brand new recordings of mine.  Well, the NEW version of Ghosts will include "The Ballad of William Robinson" and should be coming out any day now.  Then in the fall, "Los Angeles Times" will follow.   But in the meantime...

I'm very happy to announce that "LOS ANGELES TIMES" CAN BE YOURS RIGHT NOW!!  The good folks at Indieclectic.com, a new and very cool online website music site where I'm a "founding member", is up and running.  As of today, you can log on at beta.indieclectic.com and get lots of cool music, including most of my catalogue. You can download "Dying to Be Heard", "In the Current", "Pandora's Box", "Ghosts" and "LOS ANGELES TIMES"!  All for only $6.99 an album!  Or download individual songs for only 99 cents a pop.  So CHECK IT OUT!!  In a couple of weeks, it will be past the "beta" stage and it'll just be indieclectic.com without the beta precursor, but the site is up and functioning right now. They're still uploading parts of it and it's getting bigger and better everyday...

i've also been writing and recording a lot of new songs lately. Thanks to indieclectic, I'll be adding new Mumy Music to the site all the time.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll be adding a whole new "demo" album of the new songs there real soon!  And I'm thinking of putting out a live collection from the solo acoustic shows I've recorded. So...remember where to go...  http://www.indieclectic.com until I'm listed as a founding member, which will be any moment now, just type Bill Mumy in the white right top window and you will go to my page where you can click on my music to download... including Los Angeles Times.

I recommend the brand new 5 DVD "THE TWILIGHT ZONE: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION SEASON 2". It contains audio commentary by ME regarding "Long Distance Call", the first of three Twilight Zone's I did. From Image Entertainment. The rest of the series, in my mind the very best television series ever made, will be coming soon.

For those of you that visit this website mainly to see what the lovely Ms. Liliana Mumy is up to...well, it looks like 20th Century Fox is going to go ahead with production of a sequel to "Cheaper by the Dozen" that will be filmed sometime somewhere over the summer.  We'll let you know when it's a done deal.  Meanwhile, Liliana's been doing her voice over animation work quite steadily and can be heard everyday as "Mertle" on "Lilo and Stitch" and as "Twinkle" on "Higgly Town Heroes" and coming soon as "Human Kimberly" on a new Nickelodeon series called "Cat Scratch".  She's also in the "Stitch" and "Lilo and Stitch 2" movies and "Mulan 2" and several OTHER animated films that will be coming your way. Here she is with Matthew Beckley at one of my gigs.

Well, other than that... My son Seth is starting to play guitar and wants to form a band with his friends. He'll be driving this year! Wow! He's still a sports fanatic, although he hurt his knee in a football injury. But he's getting it all healed up so he'll be ready for Basketball again soon. He's taller than me, now! My lovely wife Eileen continues to keep us all on track and sends her best to you all.

Plenty of other "possible" projects that could "happen" at any moment, but until they're "real" we'll leave them off this update.

So... it's a good time to get comfy on the couch and watch a DVD. May I recommend "Lost in Space: Season 3 Volume 1" or "The Twilight Zone" perhaps? Maybe "Babylon 5"... Maybe "The Simpsons" (the one where Homer sings "Fish Heads!") Ahhh, so many choices... OR, just kick back and listen to some good music you download from indieclectic.com


"Riders on the storm, into this house we're born, into this world we're thrown, like a dog without a bone, an actor out on loan, riders on the storm..."
Jim Morrison/The Doors
"Riders On The Storm"

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